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The Costa Rican people bring joy through Pura Vida.  Lets give some back.
     This aspect is one of the favorites.  When thinking of a fun way to give back we looked for different charities to back.  One gave away wheelchairs, others where various hospitals, research, education...  The list went on and we were on to something.  The customer chooses.  You pick and the charity with the If any booking or reservation is made with us and a commission is paid, we give back to the country we are experiencing.  5% of your expenses are donated to a charity of your selection.  At Christmas, each year we take the cumulated amount and donate it and everyone wins!

Contact us with any questions about Costa Rica.  We like answering them!  Come explore Pura Vida.
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     ADVCOSTARICA will make your experience Pura Vida.  Car rental, Transfers, Tours, Rafting, etc... Whatever it is you want to do we can help.  All you'll need to do is arrive and be ready for the adventure to begin. 
     ADVCOSTARICA is all about your unique experience and exceeding every expectation you have of Costa Rica.  Tour prices are broken down on a daily bases leaving the rest up to you!  All the moto Details Here.
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